Golf Lessons

Golf Lesson Rates - Members
60 Min. Lesson                                     $ 85
30 Min. Lesson                                     $ 45

Golf Lesson Rates - Non Members

60 Min. Lesson                                      $100
30 Min. Lesson                                      $ 55

Adult Training Packages

PC Members (10 )  50 Minute Lessons                    $700
Non-Members (10 )   50 Minute Lessons                 $800

Our coaching philosophy at Pebble Creek is one of fun, applicable skills that create confident golfers for life!

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Adult Player Development Series

SuperSpeed Golf Training - Add 20 yards to your game.  December Quick Start Class & January 6 week session- give them something they really want for Christmas +20 more yards.  Sign up online at or in the Pro Shop.


Beginners & Experienced Ladies 
Why Golf Wednesday

Junior Academy

The New Way of Playing and Learning Golf



If you are like most of our parents you want your child to learn to play golf.  It's a sport they can play for a lifetime. The problem is golf is difficult to learn, it takes time to develop and kids like to do things that are fun. At Texas Team we got tired of seeing kids being taught like adults. So we developed a child centric program where your child will have fun and see progress right away. To work with us click the Sign Up Here button or Schedule a phone call by clicking here  Schedule your appointment today.  If you do, your child will be astonished that golf can be so much FUN!  Don’t let your child be taught like an adult. Sign up here so they actually enjoy learning to play. 




If you're like most of our students you want to have FUN.  Play is your brains favorite way to learn.  When you are HERE, the only thing you need to do is PLAY.  With the help of Discover Golf we engineer adventures that help you feel confident and empowered to make great choices.