Men's Golf Association

The MGA provides a social environment for fun, and competitive golf events through our monthly slate of tournaments.  As a member, you have access to our very impressive and informative website.  You can view your handicap, sign up for tournaments, look up other members that you may want to play with and keep up to date with activities of the MGA.  The entire year of activities is shown on the website.
In addition to the monthly tournaments we have an annual banquet which is hosted by the MGA.
Please consider joining the over 135 existing members of the MGA and come have some fun.
If you would like to join the MGA, please contact the pro shop or Patrick Hoffpauir, MGA President.
The MGA tournaments dates are also shown on the PCCC website on the calendar.
MGA yearly dues are $65.
Evan Eike
MGA President


The MGA website is:  (Must be a member to access)